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Research Training Group


All PhD students are members of the geo-Q RTG. We also encourage young researchers to join the group and take active part in our various activities. We welcome all geo-Q members and people who work on related projects to many of our activities.


The basic principle of the education for all our PhD students is that they should not only learn their own specialty, but also get a basic knowledge of what all the others are doing in the geo-Q, and a set of general skills that is vital for their future. We realize this with the three pillars:

  1. Specialized lectures offered regularly at Leibniz Universität Hannover→For more information

Other Events

In addition, we provide information on other lectures, seminars and workshops. →Further Information.

Supervision Agreement

PhD students who are planning to get their PhD degree at Leibniz Universität Hannover either in the QUEST Leibniz Forschungsschule or in the Fakultät für Bauingenieurwesen und Geodäsie sign a Supervision Agreement (Betreuungsvereinbarung). We introduce a Thesis Advisory Committee (TAC) comprising at least three people. The supervisors and the PhD students will think about potential names and discuss and agree and then draw up supervision agreements and submit it to relevant people when student start their PhD study. If you are PhD students, please feel free to approach your supervisors and make suggestions. If there are problems, you can approach Fumiko Kawazoe or Karsten Danzmann.

→Download Supervision Agreement

Mailing Lists

In addition to the RTG mailing list, there is also another PhD-only mailing list The former is for anyone who wish to receive information regarding RTG activities, and the latter is only for PhD students if you prefer to exchange information about PhD activities, lives, information more freely amongst your PhD colleagues !

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