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Version Control System

Self-hosted Git Server

The best way to start with version control is to create an account on the AEI Gitlab server.

If you're new to Git have a look at the tutorial page.

Other Online Git Service

GTD-Task Manager

  • Wunderlist (Cloud,Mac,Win,Android,iOS,Win Store,Chrome OS): Todo lists with cooperation, sharing and a nice design.
  • Evernote (Cloud,Mac,Win,Android,iOS,Win Store): Mighty note taking application for managing life.
  • Anydo (Cloud,Mac,Android,iOS): Another Todo application.
  • Todoist(Cloud,Mac,Win,Android,iOS): Also Todoist keeps track of the tasks done.
  • Trello(Cloud,Android,iOS): Web-based tracking application. Very good for colaboration.

Time Management

Online Plots

  • Desmos: Graphs for functions.
  • Online plotting with rich features.
  • DataJoy: Developed by ShareLaTeX team; python & R at this moment.
  • Wolfram Alpha: Make graphs for functions, from your data and even more.
  • Free online diagram software for making flowcharts.

File Exchange


  • Maxima Online: Online version of the very powerful computer algebra system Maxima (similar to Mathematica).

Note Taking



Markdown, reStructuredText, and LaTeX are the three chosen languages.


  • Markdown (Linux, Mac, Windows): Markdown itself. Convert Markdown documents to valid (X)HTML.
  • StackEdit(Cloud): StackEdit is a Markdown editor with many integrated services such as math (MathJax), Google Drive, Dropbox, and GitHub.
  • Penflip(Cloud): Penflip is designed to be a GitHub for writers. It is Markdown-based and git like without math support.
  • Authorea(Cloud): A much more powerful Markdown and LaTeX online editor that can be used to produce nice academic papers.
  • Dillinger(Cloud): Markdown editor but no math mode.
  • Online Kramdown Editor(Cloud): Just another Markdown editor without math support.
  • Marxico(Cloud,Mac,Win,Chrome): Markdown editor that integrates with Evernote, generates pdf and works offline.
  • Madoko(Cloud,Chrome): A Markdown editor with math support, where images are inserted easily with one click, while your files are saved on Dropbox, GitHub, OneDrive or local disk. It generates pdf and HTML page and works offline using browser's local storage. One can even import LaTeX files.
  • Markx(Cloud): Markdown editor for scientific writing. Batteries included.
  • typora(Mac,Win): Beautiful UI and in-situ live preview.
  • MarkdownPad (Win): If you have no bad feelings about .NET, this is pretty good.
  • ReText (Mac,Win,Linux): ReText one of the best, even on Linux. It also supports reStructuredText input.
  • Markdown Mode (Linux, Mac, Windows): The extensible open-source full-featured cross-platform Markdown experience.
  • ZenPen Just write! Minimal Distraction, Maximum Zen.
  • Titan Pad Lets people work on one document together simultaniously.


  • ShareLaTeX(Cloud): Dropbox and GitHub integration, preview, cooperation, simple UI. It also provides a lot of templates.
  • Overleaf(Cloud): Built in version control.
  • Authorea(Cloud): Easy to use UI. Supports both Markdown and LaTeX.
  • JaxEdit(Cloud): JaxEdit doesn't provide full LaTeX support but is good enough for simple LaTeX documents and slides.

You can also host one using your own machine.

  • FlyLaTeX: A free, open source version of sharelatex
  • ShareLaTeX Source Code: ShareLaTeX open sourced their codes. This is a great move I would say.
  • TeXStudio - Cross-platform LaTeX editor that stems from TeXMaker.
  • WinEdt - The LaTeX editor many people swear by.
  • TeXnicCenter - A quite old but free and decent editor for LaTeX.
  • TeXshop - No-nonsense editor for LaTeX documents which is included in MacTeX.
  • TeXWorks - No-nonsense editor for LaTeX code, modeled after TeXShop, but this one is cross-platform.

iPython Notebook

Use IPython Notebook to help with your research. IPython Notebook can be previewed on GitHub directly. Here are some examples of how IPython notebook can be used.





Concept Map and Diagrams

Keep The Notes

It's alway better to keep track the changes of your notes and git is a nice choice. GitLab is the place.

As for LaTeX, latexdiff is a tool for checking the diff.

Presentation Tools

Keep You Computer Awake

It is important to keep your computer awake during the presentation. Instead of changing the power options, the following tools can also do the job.

  • Caffeine (Mac): As simple as a single click.
  • Amphetamine (Mac): More configurations involved and more intelligent.

Online Load and Edit

Use The Source

Requires a few front-end techniques.


Use colors to make your HTML feels better.

LaTeX Beamer

  • Beamer: Shipped with standard LaTeX installations. A lot of themes has been invented. Start editing with one click on


Mathematica slides can be made interactive.

The Power of SVG

Local SVG editors:

Sharing Slides



  • Maxima Maxima is a system for the manipulation of symbolic and numerical expressions, including differentiation, integration, Taylor series, Laplace transforms, ordinary differential equations, systems of linear equations, polynomials, sets, lists, vectors, matrices and tensors. Very similar to Mathematica and open source.
  • iPython Notebook (Python): a useful tool for inline calculation, making graphs and writing notes.
  • supervised-ipython-nbserver is a multiuser version of notebook using Django/Pinax.
  • GNU Octave GNU Octave is a high-level interpreted language, primarily intended for numerical computations. Very similar to Matlab and open source.

Scientific Computing

Sharing and Testing Code

  • Pastebin: Store any text online for easy sharing.
  • Coliru: Online C++ Compiler and snippet sharing.

Libraries and Toolboxes




This might be not so straightforward but remember this. Reuse your own work doesn't protect you from plagiarism! Read it on

Investigate Papers

  • Paperscape: Finding interesting papers.
  • SciRate: An front-end for arXiv with rates from readers.

Get Yourself A Citable Code for Anything

  • Zenodo: Make anything from GitHub citable by getting a DOI code here.

Open Science

Online Discussions

Forums and Q&A's is a good place for professional discussions. Here are some examples.

Open Source

Open Source is great!

Definition of Open Source

The most popular open source free software licenses are:

A lot of Open Source projects also have their own license, e.g. Apache, Boost, Eclipse, LaTeX, OpenSSL, PHP and Python. Here is a comparison of most open source licenses.

To choose a license, an easy way is to use Choose a License which helps you decide which license to use through several steps.

For alternative badges or icons for CC licenses, check the following: Guokr Badge: Green CC License badges. (Documentation is in Chinese.)

Data Visualization and Graph Making

Data Visualization

JS and jQuery


Graph Making

Professional graphs should be made using professional tools.

  • GeoGebra(Cloud,Mac,Win,Linux,Android,iOS,Win Store): Geogebra is a very cool tool to make math graphs both 2D and 3D.
  • LaTeXDraw(Linux): “A vector drawing editor for LaTeX.”
  • TikZ(LaTeX)




  • Detexify: find out what the symbol is by drawing online






  • JabRef: An open source bibliography reference manager. The native file format used by JabRef is BibTeX (*.bib), the standard LaTeX bibliography format.



  • asciinema: Command line recording.
  • bashplot: plot in terminal.
  • fuck: correct the command by typing in fuck.
  • tmux: Have multiple terminals multiplexed into a single one.
  • explainshell: write down a command-line to see the help text that matches each argument


Free Multimedia

  • Unsplash: Free high resolution images.
  • Pixabay: Free pictures and videos for your projects.


  • QR Code Generator: Adding a QR code to your poster can help you get more audience.
  • Make a beautiful badge by yourself.
  • TitleCap: Not sure which word to capitalize in the title? TitleCap is right for you.
  • One Time Secret Keep sensitive info out of your email and chat logs. Instead give it to some random company.
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