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The High Performance satellite dynamics Simulator

The HPS is an orbit propagating tool with a modular structure. Although the main functions are coded in C++, MATLAB/Simulink is used as a comfortable simulation environment. Different modules, models and blocks, as well as own functions and MATLAB functions can be easily used and combined. Besides basic space models, the HPS library also provides coordinate and time transformations as well as basic math blocks which are commonly needed for orbit propagation and any kind of space related science.


Design interferometers and optical system

Precision interferometers need careful planning of their geometry, in particular if they are to be constructed by permanent bonding techniques. Typical items of interest are the placement of beam combiners for optimal contrast, equalization of pathlenghts to each other or predefined values, and the removal of stray beams. Ifocad can help the designer in these tasks by providing a set of functions that allow to parametrize the interferometer in terms of a few magic numbers, such as distances or angles.


A Program for Linear Simulation and Optimization of analog electronic circuits

LISO is a programm for designing and optimizing electronic circuits. The main focus lies on frequency response of preamplifiers and active filters built with op-amps, noise behaviour of circuits, stability of each op-amp in a complex circuit, sensitivity of the circuit's characteristics to small variations in the components and to optimize components for a given purpose, such as maximum dynamic range while observing such constraints as op-amp output drive or op-amp stability.


A MATLAB toolbox that uses an object-oriented approach to data analysis

LTPDA Objects are processed through a data analysis pipeline. At each analysis step, a record is kept of exactly what algorithm was applied to which object and with which parameters. In this way, the result of a particular data analysis is one or more objects, each containing the final result as numerical data together with a full processing history of how the result was achieved.


Finesse is a numeric simulation for laser interferometers using the frequency domain and Hermite-Gauss modes.


Chembal - A chemical equation balancer / stochiometry calculator


geo-Q Utilities

A Toolbox for geo-Q scientists

Including utilities for:

  • Signal processing
  • Transformations and conversions
  • Simulations
  • Mathematical methods
  • Data formatting


Feel free to send us feedback or provide code, programs, tools and snippets.

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