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geo-Q RTG Lecture Weeks


Lecture Weeks are one of several methods we offer for all of our PhD students and post-docs. We offer three lecture weeks a year in various attractive places. The topics range from the understanding of the basics of special and general relativity, the basic knowledge on satellites-building and control, basics on geodesy concept, data analysis methods and underlying statistics, basic knowledge on clocks, quantum optics, matter wave interferometers and laser interferometers.

2018 Lecture Lists (Preliminary)

In 2018 following lectures will be given.

Geodesy lectures

  • Geo.1:Gravimetry: instruments and techniques. -noise, metrological issues, environmental effects (LW1)
  • Geo.2:Geophysical applications: hydrogeology, tecotnics, vulcanology, glacial isostatic adjustment (LW1)
  • Geo.3:Geodesy for ocean studies (LW2)
  • Geo.4:Hydrology, ice and global water cycle monitoring (LW2)
  • Geo.5:Earth and its atmosphere (LW2)
  • Geo.6:Earth motions, gravity field, size and shape (LW2)
  • Geo.7:Satellite missions in Geodesy (LW3)

General Relativity lectures

  • Rel.1:Special Relativity Reminder (LW1)
  • Rel.2:Tensor Analysis in Special Relativity 1 (LW1)
  • Rel.3:Tensor Analysis in Special Relativity 2 (LW1)
  • Rel.4:Curved Spacetimes 1 (LW1)
  • Rel.5:Curved Spacetimes 2 (LW1)
  • Rel.6:Einstein Field Equations (LW2)
  • Rel.7:Special Relativity 1 (LW2)
  • Rel.8:Special Relativity 2 (LW2)
  • Rel.9:Relativistic Geodesy (LW3)

Experimental lectures

  • Exp.1:Laser interferometry 1 - Ifo and DC readout (LW1)
  • Exp.2:Laser interferometry 2 - Optical Resonators (LW1)
  • Exp.3:Gravity sensing with cold atoms - Concepts, visions, & very long baselines (LW1)
  • Exp.4:Overcoming uncertainties in Atom Gravimetry (LW1)
  • Exp.7:Control System Basics - TFs, Bode, etc. (LW3)
  • Exp.8:Control System Practices (LW3)
  • Exp.9:Gaussian Optics (LW2)
  • Exp.12:Thermal Noise 1 (LW3)
  • Exp.13:Thermal Noise 2 (LW3)
  • Exp.15:Non-Classical light (LW2)
  • IMPRS Exp 10: Squeezed light application and SQL (LW3)

Statistics and Data Analysis lectures

  • DA&St.1:Probability theory as extended logic (LW1)
  • DA&St.2:Hypothesis testing (LW1)
  • DA&St.3:Parameter estimation (LW1)
  • DA&St.4:Discrete signal processing and looking at data (LW1)

Satellite Design lectures

  • Sat.1:Geodesy Missions Introduction (LW2)
  • Sat.3:Propulsion, Structural Design&Thermal control, and Power&Telecom (LW2)

Special lectures

  • Systems Engineering in Space Projects (LW3)

Relativity and Astrophysics lectures

  • IMPRS Rel&Astro.1: Overview, compact binaries, MBH cosmic growth (LW3)
  • IMPRS Rel&Astro.2: Supermassive black hole binaries (LW3)
  • IMPRS Rel&Astro.3: Extreme- and Intermediate-mass ratio inspiral (LW3)
  • IMPRS Rel&Astro.4:Probing Massive black hole binaries with LISA and pulsar timing (LW3)

2018 Schedule

All lecture weeks will be jointly organized with IMPRS-GW

→ Lecture Week 1
March 11-16
Eurostrand Resort Lüneburger Heide

→ Lecture Week 2
July 1-6, Strandhotel Weißer Berg in Mardorf
Registerhere by May 12, 2018.

→ Lecture Week 3
September 17-22 (Mon.-Sat.), CLUB POLLENTIA in Mallorca, Spain
Ctra. Port Pollença, Km 2, 07400 Alcúdia, Illes Balears, Spain

Registerhere by June 15, 2018.

Past Events

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