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Other Lectures, Workshops and Seminars

Title Lecturers/Trainers Participants Date and Time Place Registration
Leading for TomorrowThree from “osb international Consulting AG”PhDs and PostdocsStarting on July 14, 2017Magnus-Haus BerlinSubmit your Application by Feb. 28

Other Lectures, Workshops and Seminars Descriptions

Leading for Tomorrow

Starting July 14, 2017

The DPG offers Leadership Program for physicists.
“Leading for Tomorrow” is a program for the training of (future) executives. Physicists are in demand in countless branches and professional groups. They are also often used in management and management positions due to high problem-solving competency, but the study of physics rarely stretch out to human resource management and management area. “Leading for Tomorrow” should close this gap. The management of large research infrastructures such as CERN, ITER, DESY, etc., but also larger units in universities (eg Excellenzcluster, SFBs etc.) and research institutes, requires knowledge as necessary in industry in management positions. Therefore, the program is intended to cover two target groups: future science managers, as well as executives in industry and business.

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Application accepted by Feb. 28

Past Events

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