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A Program for Linear Simulation and Optimization of analog electronic circuits

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If there are any problems get in contact with


Clone the latest version:

$ git clone

Alternatively download the latest Version of LISO for Linux by following the Direct Download Link. Unzip (and maybe rename) it to the directory of your choice.



Please don't hestitate to ask if there are any problems or questions. Comments, questions, bug reports etc. are always welcome. Reports of successful use are also welcome.

Gerhard Heinzel
Max-Planck-Institut fuer Gravitationsphysik (Albert-Einstein-Inst.)
Callinstrasse 38
D-30167 Hannover
Tel +49-(0)511-762-19984
Fax +49-(0)511-762-2784


That manual is not wrong and still applicable, but missing many useful new features.



  • How do I update the opamp.lib?
    • You can extend the default opamp.lib or use your own lib file. If you want to use your own lib file change the entry OPLIBNAME in the initialization file fil.ini. Find further instruction in the LISO manual (Chapter 12 (p. 42)).
  • How do I get a LISO version for other operating systems?
    • Versions for other operating systems can be made upon request. See Contact.
  • Can I get an overview of the files included in the liso directory?
File name Description Instructions for LISO installation This readme file
cmaes_lp.fil example file
f.ulp EAGLE interface
fil dynamcly linked executable
fil.ini LISO initialization file
fil_static static linked executable
laser_rnd.fil example file
manual.pdf Offical LISO manual
opamp.lib opamp libary file
pfil PERL preprocessor
random.c source file random noise generator
random.h header file random noise generator
randomnoise.pdfManual generation of random time series with predescribed spectra
x.fil example file
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