Joint Educational programmes by QFIRS, TerraQ RTG and IMPRS-GW Hannover


Three structured doctoral or ECR programmes,

coordinate and offer joint educational programmes. Historically, this joint activities started when a former SFB geo-Q started in 2014, and the geo-Q RTG and IMPRS on GW started to offer joint activities together to PhD students and postdocs for IMPRS on GW and geo-Q RTG members. With the start of the new SFB TerraQ and the Cluster of Excellence QuantumFrontiers in 2019, QFIRS started to bring all together and offer educational programmes jointly to ECRs in all involved schools.


  • All Early Career Researchers of QuantumFrontiers are members of QFIRS,
  • all PhD students in AEI Hannover are members of IMPRS on GW,
  • and all doctoral researchers and postdocs financed by the TerraQ are members of the RTG.

In addition doctoral researchers and postdocs from other projects and schools can also be included in the RTG programme.


The basic principle of the education for all our Early Career Researchers (ECRs) is that they should not only learn their own specialty, but also get a basic knowledge of what all the others are doing in the QuantumFrontiers, and a set of general skills that is vital for their future. We realize this with the three pillars:

Other Events

In addition, we provide information on other lectures, seminars and workshops. Page under construction

Supervision Agreement

Page under construction


If you have a question please feel free to contact your Chief Study Officer

Fumiko Kawazoe.

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