Lecture Weeks are one of several methods we offer for all of our Early Career Researchers (ECRs). We offer three lecture weeks a year. In addition to three 90 minutes lectures that are offered during the day, ECRs practice team building exercises in the evening.

2024 Schedule

Lecture weeks will be jointly organized with QFIRS and TerraQ RTG

Lecture Week 1

Joint with QFIRS, TerraQ RTG

July 22 - 26, 2024

Strandhotel Weißer Berg, Kiefernweg 20, 31535 Neustadt am Rübenberge

Time table
The time table is here.

Number of Participants
The maximum number of participants is around 30.
We want to ensure a high level of interaction during lectures.

The link to register is distributed by Fumiko Kawazoe via email.

General Information
Participants must fill in their travel forms at their institutes.
Depending on hotel occupancy, participants should share accommodation with other attendees.

Lecture Notes
After the Lecture Week 1 lectures notes will be available in a password protected area.

Historical facts

Lecture Week Series Begins: The Lecture Week concept was originated and refined for the International Max Planck Research School on Gravitational Wave Astronomy (IMPRS-GW) by its founding Spokespersons, Prof. Dr. Karsten Danzmann and Prof. Dr. Bernard Schutz. More than 40 Lecture Weeks were organized during its operation from 2006 to 2023.

geo-Q Research Training Group Joins: The Research Training Group led by Dr. Fumiko Kawazoe, within the framework of the SFB 1128: Relativistic Geodesy and Gravimetry with Quantum Sensors - Modelling, Geo-Metrology and Future Technology (geo-Q), collaborated with the International Max Planck Research School on Gravitational Wave Astronomy (IMPRS-GW) to establish the first joint concept of Lecture Week series in 2015 until geo-Q ended in 2019.

QuantumFrontiers International Research School Joins: In 2019, the launch of the QuantumFrontiers International Research School under EXC 2123 resulted in the expansion of this collaborative effort.

TerraQ Research School Joins: The newly funded SFB 1464: Relativistic and quantum-based geodesy (TerraQ) Research Training Group led by Dr. Liliane Biskupek (2021-2024) and Dr. Fumiko Kawazoe (2021-today) continued the joint Lecture Week series, further strengthening the collaboration.

Please visit here for details of the past joint Lecture Week series.


If you have a question, please feel free to contact the organisers:
QF Chief Study Officer, TerraQ PI: Fumiko Kawazoe
TerraQ PI : Liliane Biskupek (until the end of April)
TerraQ PI: Annike Knabe (May 1st on)

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