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Lecture Week 1

Please register here for the shuttle service, or else you will have to travel by public transportation which is not very convenient, as shown below in the map. Deadline is February 9, 2018.

March 11-16

List of courses
Geodesy lectures

  • Geo.1:instruments and techniques. -noise, metrological issues, environmental effects
  • Geo.2:Geophysical applications: hydrogeology, tecotnics, vulcanology, glacial isostatic adjustment

General Relativity lectures

  • Rel.1:Special Relativity Reminder
  • Rel.2:Tensor Analysis in Special Relativity 1
  • Rel.3:Tensor Analysis in Special Relativity 2
  • Rel.4:Curved Spacetimes 1
  • Rel.5:Curved Spacetimes 2

Experimental lectures

  • Exp.1:Laser interferometry 1 - Ifo and DC readout
  • Exp.2:Laser interferometry 2 - Optical Resonators
  • Exp.3:Gravity sensing with cold atoms - Concepts, visions, & very long baselines
  • Exp.4:Overcoming uncertainties in Atom Gravimetry

Statistics and Data Analysis lectures

  • DA&St.1:Probability theory as extended logic
  • DA&St.2:Hypothesis testing
  • DA&St.3:Parameter estimation
  • DA&St.4:Discrete signal processing and looking at data

Download a lecture ist here
Download a time table here

Location Eurostrand Resort Lüneburger Heide
Bruchweg 11 27389 Fintel

Accommodation will be in twin rooms.
Please inform me about room mate preferences.

Register here here by February 9 noon, 2018.

Shuttle service registration here by February 9, 2018.

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