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Lecture Week 2

July 1-6

List of courses (Preliminary)
In 2018 following lectures will be given.

Geodesy lectures

  • Geo.3:Geodesy for ocean studies (LW2)
  • Geo.4:Hydrology, ice and global water cycle monitoring (LW2)
  • Geo.5:Earth and its atmosphere (LW2)
  • Geo.6:Earth motions, gravity field, size and shape (LW2)

General Relativity lectures

  • Rel.6:Einstein Field Equations (LW2)
  • Rel.7:Special Relativity 1 (LW2)
  • Rel.8:Special Relativity 2 (LW2)
  • Rel.9:Experimental Tests (LW2)

Experimental lectures

  • Exp.5:Laser cooling & trapping, and Bose-Einstein condensation I (LW2)
  • Exp.6:Laser cooling & trapping, and Bose-Einstein condensation II (LW2)
  • Exp.9:Gaussian Optics (LW2)
  • Exp.15:Non-Classical light (LW2)

Satellite Design lectures

  • Sat.1:Geodesy Missions Introduction (LW2)
  • Sat.2:Astrodynamics (LW2)
  • Sat.3:Propulsion, Structural Design&Thermal control, and Power&Telecom (LW2)

Download a schedule here

Strandhotel Weißer Berg
Kiefernweg 20, 31535 Neustadt am Rübenberge

Accommodation will be in twin rooms.
Please inform me about room mate preferences.

Registerhere by May 12, 2018.

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