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Lecture Week 2

July 1-6

List of courses
In 2018 following lectures will be given.

Geodesy lectures

  • Geo.3:Geodesy for ocean studies (LW2)
  • Geo.4:Hydrology, ice and global water cycle monitoring (LW2)
  • Geo.5:Earth and its atmosphere (LW2)
  • Geo.6:Earth motions, gravity field, size and shape (LW2)

General Relativity lectures

  • Rel.6:Einstein Field Equations (LW2)
  • Rel.7:Special Relativity 1 (LW2)
  • Rel.8:Special Relativity 2 (LW2)
  • Rel.9:Experimental Tests (LW2)

Experimental lectures

  • Exp.5:Laser cooling & trapping, and Bose-Einstein condensation I (LW2)
  • Exp.6:Laser cooling & trapping, and Bose-Einstein condensation II (LW2)
  • Exp.9:Gaussian Optics (LW2)
  • Exp.15:Non-Classical light (LW2)

Satellite Design lectures

  • Sat.1:Geodesy Missions Introduction (LW2)
  • Sat.2:Astrodynamics (LW2)
  • Sat.3:Propulsion, Structural Design&Thermal control, and Power&Telecom (LW2)

Download LW2 schedule here

Special Session
We have a session “Equal Opportunity and Diversity” on July 2 starting at 17:00. The purpose is to update us on programmes that University of Hannover offers and ask questions and discuss. Our Equal Opportunity office have new programmes now and it is a good opportunity to learn all about them! For more information please go to the website.

People who are not registered for the lecture weeks are also welcome to join. Please ask your PI for covering your travel cost. To get there it will require three zone ticket.

Strandhotel Weißer Berg
Kiefernweg 20, 31535 Neustadt am Rübenberge

How to get there
Our hotel is located directly on the Steinhudermeer. Please organize your own arrival to the seminar hotel You have at least two options: - By train to Neustadt a. Rbge., then by bus or bike (there are wonderful bike paths) - or by your own car (after filling in the form!) Please share your plans with each other because we have some participants which are really new in Germany and it would help if you could organize a joint/group arrival.

Accommodation will be in twin rooms.
Please inform me about room mate preferences.

Registerhere by May 12, 2018.

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